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 Canon CanoScan LiDE 25

1200 x 2400 dpi LiDE сензор, Сканиране в PDF, QARE 3 технология за премахване на прах и драскотини от снимки

ном. CS LiDE 25


103.20 BGN

Scanning in style
Just 38mm thick, the extraordinarily slender CanoScan LiDE 25 is the obvious choice for the uncluttered desk. Because of LiDE technology's tiny appetite for power, it does not require any clumsy power cords - a single USB cable connected to your computer is the only lead you'll ever need.

Despite its diminutive size, the LiDE 25 is big on resolution. Whether you are scanning documents or photos, the 1200 x 2400dpi; and 48 bit colour depth specification accurately reproduces every fine detail and subtle shade. Your pin sharp results will be suitable for enlargements and post-scan image editing.

Straight to PDF
A 'Scan to PDF' function scans documents straight to PDF (Portable Document Format), speeding up your work flow and doing away with the need for extra conversion software. A floating palette of PDF pages is created, which can be arranged or ordered at will. Text is automatically embedded in PDF files at time of scanning, allowing editing and searching.

Because not everything you need to scan comes in a convenient size, the LiDE 25 incorporates an innovative double hinged Z-lid. The lid keeps an even pressure on whatever you place on the glass, making it ideal for scanning thick documents, magazines and books - even small packages.

Canon's QARE Level 3 is your on-board photo print correction system. Dust and scratches are automatically detected and corrected, saving hours of manual retouching. Faded colour, excessive graininess and poor exposure can also be corrected.

Multiple photos in one scan
LiDE 25's fast and convenient Multi-Photo Mode creates individual automatically cropped files from a single scan pass of up to 10 separate photos, business cards or other originals. It even de-skews images automatically, saving precious time that would otherwise be spent carefully aligning photos on the glass prior to scanning.

Software supplied includes ArcSoft PhotoStudio image editing and OmniPage SE OCR. To help keep you organised, CanoScan Toolbox sits always-at-the-ready on your desktop, allowing you to customise the three EZ-buttons for common functions, such as copying, scanning direct to e-mail and straight to PDF.

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  Type : Desktop Colour Flatbed Scanner

  Scanning element : CIS (Contact Image Sensor)

  Light source : LED (LIDE)

  Optical resolution : 1200 x 2400 dpi

  Selectable resolution : 25 to 19200 dpi

  Interface : USB

  Scanning gradation (colour) : 48 bit input, 24 bit output

  Scanning gradation (greyscale) : 16 bit input, 8 bit output

  Maximum document size : A4 / Letter [216 x 297mm]

  Preview speed : Approx 16 seconds (colour A4 document, excluding calibration time)

  Scanning speed (colour) : 16 msec/line (600dpi), 32 msec/line (1200dpi)

  Scanning speed (greyscale) : 5.3 msec/line (600dpi), 10.6 msec/line (1200dpi)

  Scanning speed (B&W) : 5.3 msec/line (600dpi), 10.6 msec/line (1200dpi)

  Power consumption : 2.5W Operation power, 1.4W Standby power

  Power supply : Powered by USB port

  Dimensions : 256 x 383 x 34mm

  Weight : Approx 1.5 kg

  Operating range (temperature) : 5 C to 35 C

  Operating range (humidity : 10% to 90% RH without condensation formation

  Operating system requirements : For Windows 98, 2000 Pro, Me, XP (Home/Pro Media Center 2004): CPU: Pentium II 300MHz or higher. 128MB RAM. USB port, CD ROM drive, High colour (16 bit), 1024 x 768 display. For Mac OS X v10.2 - 10.3.x (native mode only): PowerPC G3, 128MB RAM, USB



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