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 Canon CanoScan 4200F

3200x6400dpi, USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, QARE Level 2

ном. CS 4200F


201.60 BGN

A powerful scanner
The beauty of the CanoScan 4200F is that it combines speed, style and outstanding results in every scan. Simple to use, astonishingly effective, it makes short work of producing detailed film and photo scans.

High resolution
The CanoScan 4200F's 3200 x 6400dpi scanning capability is comparable to dedicated film scanners that can cost much more. Such a high resolution easily captures every detail so your images are beautifully sharp and crisp. For colour film, the 48bit colour depth faithfully reproduces shades and tones with incredible quality from the photo original.

A large capacity
A large FAU (Film Adapter Unit) adds power to performance, giving the CanoScan 4200F the capability to handle up to 4 frames of 35mm transparencies in a single operation. The super-fast scan engine together with a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface lets you preview your images in just 2.6 seconds.

Better results
Canon's unique QARE (Quality Automatic Retouching and Enhancement) technology is at its best in the CanoScan 4200F. QARE Level 2 automatically detects and eliminates dust and scratch marks from original prints, saving hours of manual retouching and improving the quality of your scans. It can even restore colour saturation from faded photos and reduce the grain effect from prints taken from high speed film.

Easy to operate
To make scanning simple, the CanoScan 4200F is equipped with 4 EZ buttons, allowing one-touch operation for commonly used functions such as copying filing, scanning or e-mailing. With the advanced Z-lid, you can easily scan thick documents such as magazines or books.

Multiple messages
The CanoScan 4200F features Canon's fast Multi-Photo mode, which allows you to scan up to 10 separate items at one time, then work on each one separately. Multi-Photo automatically identifies, crops and straightens multiple images. It even recognises the type of original you use (35mm film or photo) - all to save you time.

Software supplied
A full range of imaging software completes the CanoScan 4200F package. With ArcSoft, PhotoStudio and OmniPage SE, you can edit and manage your scanned images with ease as well as convert paper documents straight into text files.

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  Type : Desktop Colour Flatbed Scanner

  Scanning element : CCD

  Light source : Cold cathode fluorescent lamp

  Optical resolution : 3200 x 6400dpi

  Selectable resolution : 25 - 19200 dpi

  Interface : USB 2.0 Hi-Speed

  Scanning gradation (colour) : 48 bit input, 48/24 bit output

  Scanning gradation (greyscale) : 16 bit input, 16/8 bit output

  Maximum document size : A4 / Letter [216 x 297mm]

  Preview speed : Approx. 2.6 sec

  Scanning speed (colour) : 2.5 msec./line (800 dpi), 8.95 msec./line (3200 dpi)

  Scanning speed (greyscale) : 2.5 msec./line (800 dpi), 8.95 msec./line (3200 dpi)

  Scanning speed (B&W) : 2.5 msec./line (800 dpi), 8.95 msec./line (3200 dpi)

  Scanning speed (film) : 10-160 msec/line

  Film Types : Colour film (negatives, positives), Black and white film (negatives, positives)

  Film Handling : 35mm strip (4 frames), mounted slides (2)

  Power consumption : 17.8W Max, 7W Stand-by

  Power supply : AC Adaptor

  Dimensions : 259 x 473 x 81mm

  Weight : Approx 2.8 kg

  Operating range (temperature) : 10 C to 35 C

  Operating range (humidity : 10% to 90% RH (20% to 80% RH for film scanning), without condensation formation

  Operating system requirements : For USB 2.0 Hi-Speed: Windows 2000 Pro, ME, XP (Home/Pro/Media Centre): CPU: Intel PIII, Celeron (566MHz). AMD Athlon, Athlon MP/XP, Duron. 128MB RAM, USB port, CD ROM drive.



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