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 Canon MV900

16:9 запис с широкоекранен LCD & цветен визьор, 25x оптично варио, 800x цифрово варио

ном. AD1216B001AA
пр.н. AD1216B001AA


549.00 BGN

In true 16:9 recording mode, the MV900 captures eye-catching widescreen video. Designed with wide shooting in mind, the camcorder has a 2.7" 16:9 LCD screen as well as a colour viewfinder, meaning that video is even monitored in the way it will appear on a widescreen TV set. It's also easy to line images up properly using the LCD's level marker, while 4:3 shooting can be selected at the push of a button.

25x optical zoom
The MV900's high power lens has a 25x optical zoom with Electronic Image Stabilization and variable zoom speeds, for pinpoint accuracy.

DIGIC DV's vivid colours
Thanks to Canon's DIGIC DV, colours are recorded to miniDV tape as you remember them: vivid, vibrant and bursting with realism.

Easy shooting
Canon's MV900 camcorder makes it easy for anyone to start making great looking home videos. At the touch of a button, the camcorder switches the most important shooting controls to automatic, allowing you to concentrate on catching all of the action. With a simplified control layout, there are just six buttons to learn how to use.

Easy handling and a compact design
Sporting a distinctive blue metallic finish, the MV900 is designed with easy handling in mind. Weighing just 380g, the camcorder is perfectly balanced, providing effortless and comfortable handheld shooting.

Convenient sliding lens cover
The lens is the most important part of any camcorder and thanks to the MV900's built-in sliding lens cover you'll never have to worry about it getting damaged.

Mic input
With an external microphone plugged-in to the MV900, it's easy to capture all of the party atmosphere as well as to record your own voiceovers, explaining what's going on.

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Video System

  Video System : MiniDV


  Type : 1/6" Interlaced

  Total pixels : 800000

  Effective pixels : 470000

  Filter : Complementary


  Optical Zoom : 25x

  Digital Zoom : 800x/100x (selectable)

  Focal length : 43.6 - 1090mm

  Maximum aperture : f/1.8

  Minimum focusing distance : 10mm

  Image Stabilizer : YES

  Filter diameter : NO

  Wide Attachment : NO


  Screen size : 2.7", widescreen 16:9 format

  Pixels : 112000

  Manual adjustment : Brightness

  Multi image screen : NO


  Screen size : 0.33"

  Pixels : CL 123,000

Minimum Illumination

  Minimum Lux. : 2 lux (in Night mode)

  Night Mode : YES

  Super Night Mode : NO


  Auto/Manual : YES

  Control : Joystick (Omni selector) button operation

AE Mode

  Program AE : 9; Easy, Auto, Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, Fireworks

Backlight Compensation

  Backlight Compensation : NO

White Balance

  Type : TTL

  Auto : YES

  Set/Preset : YES

  Lock : NO

Shutter Speed

  Maximum : 1/2000s

  Slow : 1/6s

Digital Effect

  Fade : Auto Fade, Wipe, Corner Wipe, Jump, Flip, Puzzle, Zigzag, Beam, Tide

  Effect : Art, Black & White, Sepia, Mosaic, Ball, Cube, Wave, Color Mask, Mirror

Custom Key

  Custom Key : NO

Still Image

  Continuous shooting mode : NO

  Auto Exposure Bracketing : NO

  Simultaneous Photo Recording : NO

  Selecting AF Frame Function : NO

  Photo Button : NO

Self timer

  Self timer : YES


  REC. review/REC. search : YES


  Still image : NO

  Date : NO

Memory Card

  Multi Media Card : NO

  Secure Digital Card : NO


  System : PCM Digital Stereo, 16bit-48KHz 2ch, 12bit-32KHz 4ch

  Manual Rec. level control : NO

  Audio Dubbing : NO


  Headphone : NO

  Microphone : YES

  USB : NO

  DV : YES

  Direct Print : NO

  Analogue-in : NO

  AV : YES

  S-video : NO

  Built-in charger : YES

Accessory shoe

  Accessory shoe : NO

Built-in Video light

  Built-in Video light : NO

Built-in Flash

  Built-in Flash : NO

PC Connection Kit

  Digital Video Solution Disk : NO

  DV Network Solution Disk : NO

  USB cable : NO

Wireless controller

  Wireless controller : NO

Analogue Digital Converter

  Analogue Digital Converter : NO

Battery Pack

  Type : Lithium-Ion

  Long Life Battery : BP-2L14

  Longer Recording Time- a) : 4 hours, 30 minutes


  W x H x D : 49mm x 92mm x 115mm

  Weight : 435g


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